Africa is full of natures colors.
A colorful  experience!

 The problems of the continent, however, are endless gray.

Welcome to the official website of Africa Light / Gray Zone!

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Welcome on board of the website of our short film project called Africa Light / Gray Zone. These websites are going to inform you about our intentions according the film, important background information on socio-political events, the team, and obviously you can take a look at the trailer, unreleased scenes, the burden of visual effects and the Making of.

It may be important to know for organizers of film festivals that a Festival Package can be found for download in the Infos section. This includes the synopsis, stills from the film and details of the filmmakers.

Obviously, we welcome your comments about our short film in the section Reviews! Just send your personal review to our Africa Light / Gray Zone Webmaster. Once our team has verified your review, for reasons of privacy either or to avoid commercial interests, we will surely publish your comment. We hope, we are able to give you a good impression of our project!

10-2012 Interfilm Festival Berlin 2012

Interfilm 2012 Interfilm has established itself as one of the most important short film festivals in Europe. It is the second oldest German short film festival (after Oberhausen), and is recognised as the second most significant and oldest international film festival in Berlin after the Berlinale. The sections include: International, German, Animation, Documentary and Children’s Films. 'Focus On' highlights productions from specific countries or regions. Interfilm 2012 takes place from 13th to 18th November. Visit the website of Interfilm!

03-2012 Afrykamera 2012

Afrykamera 2012 The VII African Film Festival AfryKamera, which takes place in Warsaw, Poland, takes place 19-26 April in the capital's premiere art-house cinema: Kinoteka. The key motto for next year's festival is "Made in Africa", as the focus will be put on the quality of moviemaking on the continent and the enhanced capacity to make world-class movies. Smaller editions of the festival take place in other cities, when AfryKamera goes on the road in May. Visit the official website of Afrykamera!

07-2011 Lucania Film Festival

CinemAmbiente 2011 Pisticci is defined like a “giant amphitheatre” surrounded by the sea, a green plain and wild canyons whose background are the mountains of the Apennino Lucano. The origin of the name is uncertain. Maybe it comes from the Greek word “Pistoikos” which means “faithful place”. The finds of the VI century are numerous. They’re about 1 km from there. Since 2006 Pisticci is a Short film City. Visit the official website of the Lucania Film Festival to get more information!

06-2011 The Human Rights Film Festival in Barcelona

CinemAmbiente 2011

The Human Rights Film Festival is going to be celebrated from the 8 to 12 of June 2011 in Barcelona and it is directed by the filmmaker Toni Navarro and La Mirada. The chosen works will have to be a clear reflex of the central subject-matter. This initiative pretends to bring sensitive filmmakers interested in these debates to take part with his works and to use the festival as a window for diffusion. The festival will have complementary activities: round tables, debates, and workshops between filmmakers and visitors, as well as expositions, and expert speakers of actuality on violations and defense of the Human rights.

05-2011 The John Williams Award for the talented Mr Greisiger

CinemAmbiente 2011

Steffen Greisiger, the composer of "Africa Light / Gray Zone", has been awarded by The Long Island Film Festival for his creative excellence. His fantastic "Africa Light / Gray Zone" themes were honored with The John Williams Award for Best Film Score in New York. Read the entire article in our blog...

04-2011 The 14th Environmental Film Festival CinemAmbiente

CinemAmbiente 2011

Since its debut in Turin in 1998, CinemAmbiente – Environmental Film Festival has presented outstanding environmental films in a year-round program of initiatives that promote cinema and green awareness. Founded and directed by Gaetano Capizzi, the Festival has been jointly organized with the National Museum of Cinema – Maria Adriana Prolo Foundation since 2006. CinemAmbiente is a member of the Environmental Film Festival Network (EFFN) which unites major international environmental film festivals under its Green Network project. Over the years, CinemAmbiente has gone from strength to strength, consolidating its position on the international film festival scene.

03-2011 Cannes International Festival of Pan-African Film 2011

Pan-African Film Festival Cannes The Pan-African Film Festival of Cannes presents "Africa Light / Gray Zone" in its 2011 edition. Furthermore, our film will also be shown during The International Short Film Festival (ISFF) in Detmold (Germany) and as a part of The Max Kurz Special: Africa of the Casablanca Film Art Theater in Nuremberg (Germany).

01-2011 AfricAvenir & The Namibian Movie Collection

Africavenir / The Namibian Movie Collection AfricAvenir is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation engaging in political education and information dissemination both in Africa and in Europe. It's main section was founded in Douala, Cameroon, by Prince Kum' a Ndumbe III in 1990 while the European section was founded in 2000 during his exile in Berlin, Germany. Since 2007 AfricAvenir is also present in Windhoek, Namibia. The Namibian Movie Collection is an integral part of AfricAvenir and initiated by Joel Haikali, founder of Joe-Vision Production. It consists of films made by Namibian filmmakers and foreign films with relevance to the Namibian film landscape. For the purpose of promotion, filmmakers agreed to grant non-commercial rights of their films to be part of the collection and the FNCC granted space in its Multimedia Library for public access. For a broader dissemination and exposure, a catalog of the Namibian Movie Collection is published on the website of AfricAvenir, introducing Namibian films and filmmakers to an international audience. We believe this is necessary and crucial towards achieving the overall objective, the development of the Namibian film industry. From now on, "Africa Light / Gray Zone" is part of The Namibian Movie Collection.

Find further information on The Official Website of AfricAvenir / The Namibian Movie Collection.

"Africa Light / Gray Zone" now available in Full HD on BlueRay

Africa Light on BlueRay

Just for visual connoisseurs and fans of High Definition resolutions we have prepared "Africa Light / Gray Zone" as HD-1080/25p and 50p for Blue Ray after intensive testing in multiplex cinemas. The result is a reason to be proud of! Landscapes seem to be endless, the close-ups are sharper and our very sophisticated color correction now achieves its true rich effect. Sit back and enjoy!

12-2010 The Peer Raben Music Award & The Goethe Institute

Goethe Institute

Two news we don't want to hide. The music of "Africa Light - Gray Zone" has been nominated for The Peer Raben Music Award by Soundtrack Cologne. Steffen Greisiger's fantastic work finally finds its recognition, that makes us very proud and we keep our fingers crossed! Germany: 12 points for the talented Mr Greisiger!!

To make our movie more popular on the international stage, especially in Africa, we get support from The Goethe Institute. They like our film and so they are promoting it vigorously from now on. In this case, many thanks to Sabine Aquilini of The Goethe Institute in Windhoek for the support!

Sleepwalkers Estonia

The Sleepwalkers Film Festival 2010, together with The 14th Tallina Film Festival 2010 and The Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia, nominated "Africa Light / Gray Zone" for the category "International Professional Short Film".

11-2010 The Political Film - VideoFilmDays 2010 in Koblenz

Video Film Days Koblenz

Focus: The political film. This is the credo of The Video Film Days 2010 in Koblenz. The political awareness is important for the festival's competition, but it can't be said that only boring films can be seen in this competition. Quite the contrary! Provocations, opinions and discourses are in demand. Sure, Africa Light / Gray Zone is part of that special program.

09-2010 Events in October

Shnit & Babylon

After a relaxing Summer Break, it's going on! Africa Light / Gray Zone is part of two events this October. First, as part of the Documentary category of the Swiss film festival Shnit in Bern, and as the opening film of The German African Movie Night at The Babylon Cinema in Berlin, which will be initiated by The German Department of State, The German Namibian Association and the ZDF. Watch out for the specific appointments with all the important details in the Infos section!


German Namibian AssociationBabylon Cinema TheaterZDF - German TelevisionAir BerlinThe City of Berlin

Shnit Film Festival 2010: Also coming to Cologne and Cape Town

Shnit Cape Town

Addendum: Additional events of The Shnit Filmfestivals 2010 will take place in Cologne and in Cape Town. Above all for our film Africa Light - Gray Zone this now closes the circle between the film's subject of matter, its immediate shooting location and its screening venue. We are looking forward for the feedback in Cape Town!

08-2010 Right through the very heart of it, New York, New York...

Long Island Film Festival

The Long Island Film Festival is one of the first independent film festivals in the United States. On a coolness scale from 1 to 10 it would get a smooth 11. Here, Martin Scorsese, Peter Boyle, Kathleen Turner, Steve Buscemi & Co. show up to watch real cool movies. But without a trace of glamour! The festival is really authentic, always a bit of underground and absolutely avant-garde. Dom Prignon may be slurped elsewhere. The initiators of the festival just want to show innovative films. So Africa Light / Gray Zone will be presented at two events: In September in The Boulton Center for the Performing Arts, and in October the film is going to rock the Hamptons in The Bay Street Theater. The exact dates are listed as usual under Infos!

07-2010 EcoVision Festival Internazionale di Ambiente e Cinema

EcoVision FestivalThe EcoVision Film Festival 2010, which will be held by means of co-operations in Italy, Brazil and China, is dedicated to films that deal particularly with the social conflicts and the ecological changes brought by economical and political processes. In "The Edizione 2010" Africa Light / Gray Zone won't be missing. The first event will take place from 28 September to 3 October 2010 in the beautiful City of Palermo in Italy. Further dates of the following events will be announced in time on either the official website of the festival and in our Infos section on this website.


UnescoUnicefMinistero dell'AmbienteRegione Siciliana - Assessorato TurismoFondazione Banco di Sicilia

06-2010 Ischia Film Festival - The First Class of World Cinema

Ischia Film Fest

Africa Light / Gray Zone has its Italian Premiere at The Ischia Film Festival, which will take place together with The Ischia Global Fest. The exclusive Mediterranean location is just one of festival's benefits. The honorary committee consists of internationally renown, Oscar-winning artists such as Sir Ken Adam (star architect of various James Bond movies, e.g. "Goldfinger" and Stanley Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon", "Dr. Strangelove" etc.), Carlo Rambaldi ("Alien", "E.T.", "King Kong", David Lynch's "Dune" and many more), Giuliano Montaldo, Osvaldo Desideri and so on... During the Ischia Global Fest the Who is Who of International Cinema will show up: Ben Kingsley, Jeremy Irons, Hilary Swank, ... just to mention some of them. The festival's opening movie will be "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps". Maybe Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones will also be there? One for sure: The Ischia Film Festival is going to be an awesome event of this summer and is supposed to be a real insider's tip, not only for the fans of Africa Light / Gray Zone!

Anton Corbijn & George Clooney at The Ischia Film Festival 2010

image"The American", a movie by Anton Corbijn (starring George Clooney), will be awarded at the Ischia Film Festival 2010. For sure, the director and his main actor will appear at the festival as well. Tino, always being a huge fan of Anton Corbijn's awesome work (e.g. "Control" and various music videos of Depeche Mode, Herbert Groenemeyer, U2, Coldplay, Nirvana etc.), is really curious about Corbijn's opinion on "Africa Light - Gray Zone". As one of eight selected films our short film is the only German film in its festival category. Mr Corbijn, it's a pleasure for us to meet you in Ischia this summer!

04-2010 The best innovative Film Productions of the World

CurtocircuitoThis is the headline of the category Explora of the Spanish film festival Curtocircuito which takes place from 23th to 30th May 2010. The category consists of special sophisticated and innovative film productions. The extra- ordinary scenery of the festival is another highlight of the event. Don't miss Africa Light / Gray Zone there.

From 20th to 25th April 2010 the Sehschte takes place in Potsdam. Africa Light / Gray Zone represents the highlight category "Focus: South Africa" as the only film of a non-African filmmaker.

02-2010 Preview DVD copy (PAL & NTSC) released!

imageFrom now on, our DVD is available as a festival preview copy in PAL and NTSC formats (Region Code 0 / none) for public festival screenings.

Available copy formats for screening and exhibition purposes are Digital Betacam (PAL /NTSC), Beta SP (PAL / NTSC), DVCAM (PAL / NTSC), miniDV (PAL), HDCAM (PAL) and progressive HD file (mpg, 1080-25p).

Attention: Non-commercial! For cultural venues or festival purposes only! DVDs and other copy formats are not for sale!

12-2009 The Orchestration by The German Film Orchestra Babelsberg

The Orchestration (excerpts)

The orchestration by The German Film Orchestra Babelsberg is finished. The orchestra was conducted by the renowned Bernd Wefelmeyer himself. Some excerpts of the amazing soundtrack, that was composed by our musical virtuoso Steffen Greisiger, can be found in the video. In this impressive sound setting our camera microphone quickly reached its limits. Of course, the final quality of the music recordings is much better!

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Berlin-Windhoek Film Night 2010


Read about the Berlin-Windhoek Film Night 2010, which will be initiated by the German-Namibian Association, the ZDF and the Berlin Senate, under the auspices of Professor Regina Ziegler.


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Official Trailer released


The official trailer gives a first impression of this short film that deals with the facets of social, economical and even political development in the modern "Third World". Read more...


Background Information


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