Africa Light

Gray Zone

A film on the development of Southern Africa by Tino Schwanemann
© 2009 einscommanull. Stefanie Paul & Tino Schwanemann. All rights reserved.
Africa is full of nature’s colors. A colorful experience!
The social, political and economical problems of the continent, however, are unsaturated. Neither black nor white, but endless grey.
Africa Light - as white local citizens call Namibia. The name suggests romance, the beauty of nature and promises a life without
any problems in a country where the difference between rich and poor could hardly be bigger.
The progress is entering.

The film Africa Light / Gray Zone tells the story of a country, which is a representative of an entire continent and its development.
"Africa Light / Gray Zone looks beautiful. That's probably because I'm just used to seeing a lot of dust
and beige when looking at footage taken from Africa.
But all the beauty in Africa cannot distract from the problem of industrialization. For Africa, industrialization
means getting new technology: trains, paved roads, and barbed wire fences. The technological advances
have a downside, however. With more technology, the African culture is becoming diminished. Old customs
stop being practiced and traditions start vanishing. On the other hand, new technology can greatly improve
the lives of Africans with water filters and medical equipment. It's not a new problem, but for those of
us in America it's a hard one to understand. Africa Light / Gray Zone is a short film that explores social,
economic and political development in the Third World. It discusses lost identities of African communities,
overwhelming progression and related changes in the environment. With an important social message and
what looks like some great cinematography, Africa Light / Gray Zone is a very good short documentary."

Allison Higginbotham, It's Just Movies, USA

"Alles ist erleuchtet. Für seinen Doku-Film Africa Light / Gray Zone legte der deutsche Regisseur
Tino Schwanemann die rosarote Touristen-Brille ab und zeigt Namibia mit all seinen Kontrasten. (...)
Eine Doku, die nicht beschönigt, berührt und ohne Effekte Geschichten erzählt. Vielleicht ist
sie sogar der beste Tourismus-Werbespot, den ein Land sich wünschen kann."

Allgemeine Zeitung, Windhoek, Namibia

"Der deutsche Regisseur Tino Schwanemann hat seinen eigenen Erkenntnisprozess von der ersten
Blendung zum genaueren Blick in einem Kurzfilm verarbeitet: Africa Light / Gray Zone. Die Hochglanz-
ästhetik von Werbebildern setzt der Regisseur auch zu Anfang seines Films ein, um die touristische
Perspektive auf Namibia am Ende zu brechen. (...)"

Der Freitag, Berlin, Germany

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